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Vocal, Piano & Guitar Lessons/coaching & private Tuition delivered by one of Bristol’s top professional artists and musicians - ALL AGES WELCOME! South Bristol Area - Over 20 years experience - Individually tailored lessons – Most styles covered - Groups or one to one – First lesson half price! – Discounts for group or sibling bookings – Online Skype sessions -Enthusiastic, relaxed and enjoyable approach to learning and improving your musical skills.  DBS Checked. 
"My friends and family couldn't believe the change in my voice after just two lessons!" Carla 16yrs.
Once more - With Feeling. . .

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Professional Artist since 1991
Many people over the years have commented on my 'musical expression' and 'feeling'. I would be lying if I said I knew where this originated from, although a good guess would be that I was raised in a very musical family. My parents drew a lot of emotion from music & most of our evenings were centered around music, singing and dancing! Great huh?
. . .Both of my parents were very in touch with the many different styles of music and sounds during the years I was growing up. I didn't see it at first but after many reviews of my shows and comments from my followers, it is apparent that my emotional and physical connection to the music is striking and palpable during my performances. I am quite often covered in goose bumps when I sing, and especially so  if I can see that others are feeling the same!
It is hard to pinpoint what possibly sets you apart from other people in your profession, but I would like to believe that it is this very connection. In my opinion, very few vocalists perform with such  a believable emotion so clearly written on the face. I am a competent instrumental musician although I am not an orchestral maestro! I cannot fluently write pages of score, play piano like Rachmaninoff, or electric guitar like Eric Clapton, but I can sing -  and I can feel. I can sympathise and connect with a person's musical frustrations, hear their strengths or weaknesses, and I enjoy using my enthusiasm, personality and innate empathy with music to translate my experience and learning to others.
Kyra Firth (Bernice) BA Hons
Learn and perform with the best at KyraFirth:MusicStudio

Kyra Firth:MusicStudio:Tuition
Kyra Firth is a high demand independent music professional with over 20 years experience.
Included in Kyra's skills are: Professional Vocalist, Songwriter, Session Singer, Live Performance, Television Performance, Festivals, Bands/Solo/Cabaret, Independent Label Contract/Album Release, Recording, Production, Music Event Organiser, Promotions, Presenter, Talent Show Judge, Acoustic/Open Mic Nights. Accomplished in Piano, Guitar and Bass, 
Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Professional Musicianship and a First in Music Teaching.
Qualifications from The London Royal Academy of Drama & Dance.Kyra Firth:MusicStudio
Currently covers Bristol and the surrounding areas.
Artist Development - Mentoring Programs - Personal Development
Industry Progression 
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Recording Artist/Producer
Independant Label
8 years
Live Performer/Musician
25 Years 
Solo Artist - Live Bands - Duos - Cabaret - Holiday Resort  - Guest Vocalist
Self-Titled Album 
Dead Girl On Earth
26 years
Session Singer
Dave Dacosta/Barrie Blue/Massive Attack/Portishead
3 years
 London Astoria-Battle Of The Bands
1993, 1994, 1995, 2005
Music Channel - Telewest
Let Me Entertain You BBC
Function Bands
Talent Scout/Judge
2 years
Music Event Organiser
Talent Review
Private Music Teacher
Vocals - Piano - Music Mentor (All Ages)
Bachelor Of Arts (Hons) Professional Musicianship
3 years Vocals & Teaching